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I had a gum graft operation at Samani’s office. She used Alloderm in an attempt to cover the roots of three teeth. The operation seemed to go ok. After the operation and swelling started to go down I could see that the roots were still exposed. I had concerns about the exposed roots. Samsani said we should wait and see how the gums healed. We scheduled a follow up exam.

I showed up for the follow up exam. An assistant did a quick cleaning of the teeth. Samsani didn’t see the need to show up for the appointment. When I did finally speak to her she said she didn’t need to look at the gums again and the gums had healed fine. I don’t know how she could make that determination without looking at the gums.

Samsani said there was good coverage after the operation and there was less then 1 mm of root showing. When I measured the exposed roots there was between 2 and 3 millimeters of root showing. About the same as before the operation.

I complained about how ugly the teeth looked with that much root exposed. Her response was to look at me, smile and say, “See my smile, see how good it looks?” What the ***, seriously, what the ***?

Samsani gave me many excuses for not wanting to re-do the work.

Some of her excuses were absurd. “You wouldn’t like the results.” and “It might not turn out good.” Well, I didn’t like the current results because they didn’t turn out good.

I fully understand that an operation may not be a 100 percent successful the first time and a follow up operation might be necessary but Samsani should have insisted on a follow operation rather then lying, stalling and BSing her way out of another operation. I guess the secondary operation would effectively take money out of her pocket.

Samsani’s staff is also a reflection upon her. Her receptionist, Christine doesn’t have any problem lying either. Patients also get to put up with Christine’s rudeness and smart-a** remarks. I had to postpone the operation because my employer was shutting down the facility and the jobs were being transferred to Singapore. During one of the many (to the point of being harassment) phone calls where Christine would call to schedule the appointment I told her I couldn’t afford the operation at this time because my job was transferred overseas. Christine’s response was, “That’s so funny.” Yeah, right, all of us at the office were laughing about that. Other times you get to listen to Christine brag about how she has a job at Samani’s office as long as she wants it.

Before the operation Samsani’s office would frequently call to schedule an appointment but after the operation her office would rarely return calls. I would call and if I got through to someone I would get some lame excuse for them failing to return my calls. They also had difficulty responding to e-mails and letters.

I gave up on trying to get them to redo the work. Their lies, stalling, jerking me around and not answering my questions makes me physically ill.

Review about: Periodontal Disease Gum Graft.

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